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RE: [bluetooth-dev] inserting modules into the kernel(Latest Update)

Dear Friends!
             We finally have the solution for our
problem about "insmod bt.o" that had been bothering us
for the past one week. The problem actually lies on
the kernel version!! PLease note that the default
kernel version 2.2.16 of RH 7.0 does not support the
"insmod bt.o" of the stack.U must update it to kernel
version 2.2.19. Thanx to Liu Yong for his valuable

But at this stage, we must perform insmod bt.o again
every time we boot up the system. as all other device
of the machine is still running on the default 2.2.16
kernel...only possible solution we think of now is to
reformat the kernel which is risky..any body have 
better soln?

Inaddition, when we try to run the btd to activate the
ericsson device...there will always numerous streaming
lines(that will last for about 30 seconds) that reads
"BT STS: ERROR: hci_receive_data discarding 18
bytes..."the lines are repetitive  except for every
few lines the words 18 bytes will change to 9 bytes to
7 bytes and back to 9 bytes again.Can anybody explain
that.Of course at the end of all this is the detection
of the address of the BT device.

Yours truly,

Note: forwarded message attached.

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Hi friend,
Below are the details of the error:

[root@localhost src]#ls

bluetooth  bt.o  linux  linux-2.2.16  log  redhat 


bt.o: unresolved symbol __wake_up_Rsmp498cce34
bt.o: unresolved symbol proc_unregister_Rsmpe7cceec4
bt.o: unresolved symbol
bt.o: unresolved symbol proc_register_Rsmp065d3625
bt.o: unresolved symbol proc_root_Rsmp4802@936
bt.o: unresolved symbol
bt.o: unresolved symbol tty_unregister_driver 38762363
bt.o: unresolved symbol tty_hangup_Rsmpc02bb364
bt.o: unresolved symbol
bt.o: unresolved symbol h_tty_ioctl_Rsmp9b020a48

[root@localhost src]#

Pls note that my machine is running on RH 7.0 at
2.2.16 kernel and i had enabled the kernel modules
support by the command of " make modules" on the


--- USHA R <ushar@xxxxxxx.net> wrote:
> What symbols are being shown as unresolved. Can you
> give the list. Probably
> I can answer your question then.

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