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RE: [bluetooth-dev] How to use USB??

Hello Neil,
would it be a problem with my sources if I cannot find any
"in_interrupt()" function in them?
How would I go about patching, let's say, 20010507 of openbt?

Tun Yang
Fourth Year Computer Systems Engineering Student
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

On Tue, 29 May 2001, Yang, Neil L wrote:

> Hi Tun Yang,
> I've encountered 'cmd_pkt from interrupt' messages before.  I'm not sure,
> but it seemed as if the stack was trying to write the USB layer from
> interrupt context.  This shouldn't happen because in hci.c, whenever a
> packet is sent, the process is put on a task queue and should therefore only
> run in process context.  I'm not sure if in_interrupt() is not returning
> what is expected or if something is buggy with the stack code.  One thing
> you could try is commenting out lines 438-441 in bluetooth.c, this
> eliminates the seemingly redundant in_interrupt() check.  This probably
> isn't a good solution, but it's a good place to start looking for one.
> -Neil
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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] How to use USB??
> Hello all,
> I've got 2 Ericsson ROK101 008 P3G from Comtec Sigma with both the USB
> and UART interface. I've gotten the UART to work through openbt-20010507
> (and hadn't tried with openbt-20010329) but I cannot get USB to work under
> either of openbt-20010507 nor openbt-20010329.
> To try and get USB to work, I've also tried to get the current sources on
> CVS from sourceforge, but they didn't compile very nicely.
> I use uhci, kernel 2.4.4, and the bluetooth usb driver that comes with
> that kernel. I define CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_ERICSSON. I get this "cmd_pkt from
> interrupt" error rather than correct initialization messages. I've gone
> through the mailing list archive, and to make a long story short, I'm
> still at square one. All I could find were that people have gotten USB to
> work, rather than how to make it work...
> ???
> Can someone please lead me on the right track?
> The following is a log of what I get with openbt-20010329:

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