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[bluetooth-dev] btd server hangs

Hello agian,

I am trying to set up the communication between Ericsson HW.

# ./btd -u /dev/ttyS0 -i 115200 -s 115200 -e 0 -i ericsson
Bluetooth Control Application
Running as server
Physdev /dev/ttyS0, btdev /dev/ttyBT0, speed 115200 baud
Registered bluetooth line discipline on /dev/ttyS0
Init stack
Setting write_scan_enable in Ericsson module!
Setting event filter in Ericsson module!
Setting baudrate in Ericsson module!
wait for a connection on line 0

The server is then hangs there.

On the client side it shows the command menu and when I type rf_conn
11:22:33:44:55:66 1 0, the whole system on client side is hanged. I have
to reboot the whole system all over again.

I'm using 200010507 stack version, which is compiled under kernel 2.4.4.

Any good advise

Thanks in advance

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