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[bluetooth-dev] Time Division Duplexing/Transfer Rate question

I have a question about the rate of transmission for Bluetooth.  As I 
understand it, each channel is divided into 625 microsecond intervals and a 
maximum of one packet can be sent per interval. Does this means that 1600 
packets is the maximum number of different packets of data can be sent each 
second?  Or is it possible to send multiple different packets per time 
interval?  For example, can you send two different packets in one time 
interval thus allowing you to send a total of 3200 packets per second?  In 
addition,what is the maximum number of total bits that can be sent each time 

I would appreciate very much some info, we are considering Bluetooth 
implementation but we need to know if it will meet our transfer rate 

Jared R. Ocampo
DMAC Research Group
Brigham Young University

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