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Re: [bluetooth-dev] bluetooth.c USB driver won't recognize Ericsson device

> > cmd_pkt from interrupt!
> > cmd_timeout, Timeout when waiting for command response

Ok, this is about the zillionth message I've gotten about this problem.

Lets try to solve this:

The bluetooth usb driver has a line that prevents it from sending a
command packet to the device if it detects that it is in an interrupt.

Mark added some code to the Axis stack to prevent command packets
from being sent from interrupt context, and he added the check in the
bluetooth driver just to be safe.

It seems that something has changed in the stack that causes command
packets to be sent at a different time.  Can someone look into this?

Or, if command packets _have_ to be sent from interrupt context, I can
modify the USB bluetooth driver.

Any ideas?


greg k-h
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