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Re: [bluetooth-dev] bluetooth.c USB driver won't recognize Ericsson device


>The bluetooth usb driver has a line that prevents it from sending a
>command packet to the device if it detects that it is in an interrupt.
Which is _definitely_ not the right thing.

>Mark added some code to the Axis stack to prevent command packets
>from being sent from interrupt context, and he added the check in the
>bluetooth driver just to be safe.
Doesn't make much sense to me. It is perfectly ok to send commands from bhs, soft_irqs, task_lets.

>Or, if command packets _have_ to be sent from interrupt context, I can
>modify the USB bluetooth driver.
It just depends on the stack design. BlueZ for example may send commands from user-context as well
from interrupt-context (task-let). That's why simple replacing /dev/ttySX with /dev/ttyUB0 doesn't work.
Also it won't work for BlueDrekar because their driver is written as net_device driver and therefor process
most of the packets from net soft_irq.


Maksim Krasnyanskiy		
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