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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Bluetooth on strongarm linux

Jan Beutel wrote:

>is anybody out there working on the sa-1110 / sa-1111 platform?
>would you be interested in sharing some of your experience? i am
>involved in setting up a bluetooth testbed for the wear-arm platform (
>http://www.wearable.ethz.ch/projects/research/weararm.html   kind of
>like an itsy clone, but a different setup) 
>what kernel versions do you use on strong arm?
I am working with assabet+neponset board.  and kernel version is 
and openbt version 20010507.

it works well.    don't worry.   when compile, no errors !    
inquiry ok !
rf_conn  ok !
rf_send ok !

what would you like to know?


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