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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Bluetooth on strongarm linux

>It seems that you more success than me to run linux on assabet.
>I succeed runing 2.4.0 on assabet and log via ethernet or serial port.
>openbt version 20010507 compile ok but doesn't run in btd. It only run in
>btduser but ppp sometimes hangs.
>To try with a newer kernel,I compile kernel 2.4.2-rmk2-np2 and load it on
>assabet with my old ramdisk.
>Everything seems to work except that I can't log via ethernet nor serial.
>Could you tell me if ramdisk has to be modify and if so where do you load
>What does your inittab looks like?
>Does your openbt version 20010507 stack works in btd mode and does ppp works
>Thanks for your help,
Namsu Lee wrote :

Hi.  christophe.
my bluetooth module is CSR's module.  using H4(uart).

In openbt20010507,  attach the following line in all Makefile.


and make openbt.      Did you like this?

It run in kernel mode(using btd).  and  I have not used ppp.  just send 
and i didn't modify inittab.

Please describe the problem detaily.
good luck.

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