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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Error occured when a CSR module is connected to a Linux pc. (kernel ver:2.4.2-2) Please, Help

> 赿 wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to connect my casira to my linux pc with USB.  (My
> linux kernel version is 2.4.2-2.)
> I failed to connect them.
> Here's some messages occured when casira is connected. (I think the
> usb bluetooth driver can not recognize my casira.)

exactly :)

> What happen?? Help me!
> lsmod
> Module            Size    Used     by
> ide-cd            26848    0        (autoclean)
> cdrom            27232    0        (autoclean) [ide-cd]
> ....................
> bluetooth        17232    0        (unused)
> usb-uhci        20720    0        (unused)
> usbcore          49664    1         [bluetooth usb-uhci]
> usb.c: USB device 7 (vend/prod 0xa12/0x1) is not claimed by any active
> driver.

there is a key called "USB device class codes"
which needs to be set using PSTOOL

with the following:
/* Class, SubClass, and Protocol codes that describe a Bluetooth device
#define WIRELESS_CLASS_CODE			0xe0
#define RF_SUBCLASS_CODE			0x01
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