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[bluetooth-dev] Carrying out a file transfer using the Axis BT stack


I've a few questions regarding file transfer using the
Axis protocol stack.

1. Is it correct to state that in kernel mode, the
function "write" is used to transfer packets and that
in user mode the function "bt_write_top" is used

2. So suppose I want to transfer a text file in user
mode, would I be correct to state that first I need to
break up the text file into smaller packets and then
send these packets individually using the "write"
function? Also, how many bytes does each packet need
to be?

3. Do I need to write my own program to break up the
text file into smaller packets or is some part of the
stack already capable of doing that?

4. When is it advisable to used kernel mode instead of
user mode? (I've checked the FAQ on Sourceforge but it
doesn't answer this question) Does one mode have any
significant advantages over the other?

5. Is there any place where I could get some
documentation of the source codes for the Axis BT
stack? hmmm....why do I get this feeling that the
answer to this is going to be negative! :)

Thanks again!

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