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[bluetooth-dev] Bluetooth module/serial port latency

Hi everyone!

I'm using an ericsson BT Application Kit on a linux machine and I'm
trying to write my own HCI driver using the serial port.
I'm using the read() command to read from the /dev/ttyS0 file.
I need to get 32-byte packets going back-and-forth two machines
through the bluetooth modules. I need a packet to reach the destination
host in less than 15ms. Is that possible?
Right now, if I try to read from the ttyS0 file for data before the
other module starts sending it, I get errors. Some zeros get inserted
in the beginning and I lose some bytes in the end.
When I wait though for 1 second after the data was sent from the
remote module and THEN read the port, I get zero errors and no
Does anyone know what's going on here?

v v

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