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[bluetooth-dev] Missing files in openbt

Hi, I get the following when I compile the SDP client application under

ar cr ./fltk/lib/libtoggletree.a ./fltk/Fl_Toggle_Tree_Base.o
./fltk/Fl_Toggle_Node_Base.o ./fltk/Fl_Toggle_Node.o
ar: ./fltk/lib/libtoggletree.a: No such file or directory
make: *** [fltk/lib/libtoggletree.a] Error 1

I seem to be missing a libtoggletree.a file, and even the whole /lib
directory.  Where can I get this file or the full contents of this
directory? I checked the repository and the
apps/bluetooth/BluetoothPN/fltk/lib directory is empty as well.


Johnson Bao

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