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[bluetooth-dev] Need help with Axis stack.and R520 m

Hi , 
i am trying to get the Axis stack (latest release) running on a laptop to talk
to an Ericsson R520 GPRS BT enabled phone.

I have managed to go as far as doing an rf_conn  to the phone and the 
stat on the stack looks something like :

[Bluetooth Status]
bytes received :         0
bytes sent     :         0


line[0] mtu[127] dlci#0 state[CONNECTED]


local bd :[11:11:11:50:11:11]

r_bd[00:80:37:0a:25:16 ]
lcid[64] rcid[64] state[OPEN] psm[RFCOMM]
remote_mtu[251] local_mtu [672] clnt[yes] link_up[yes]

unit_id unit_bd_address uint_mode unit_name
0 00:80:37:0a:25:16 ACTIVE R520m No 1

Free data buffers in HW : 8
Free command buffers in HW : 8


I need to be able to send AT commands to the phone , so I can connedct to a
GPRS container inside my building.

Can somebody please help me with this / does anyone have experience with the
same ??


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