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[bluetooth-dev] Q] CSR :inq command in btd menu

 Hi,, bluetooth friends..

 I'm testing Axis BT stack on CSR(CAIRA)
  develop kit.

 1.  I compiled source on PC  and notebook

 2. insmod bt.o

 3. btd -u /dev/ttyS0 -b /dev/ttyBT0 -r server -m -e 0

 4. btd -u /dev/ttyS0 -b /dev/ttyBT0 -r client -m -e 0

 5. in btd menu...
    I've tested  "readbd" and it was successful  on both

 6. and  in btd menu...  *****************
    I've tested  " inq 5 5",,
      but there was no reply ... and returned to prompt. as
if there was no bluetooth device around it.

 What's the problem?
 In my thought , the reason is  that
   the server is not running inquiry_scan.. isn't it

 please help me and give me your good advice..   Have a good

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