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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Regarding ppp

We are talking about using PPP for LAN Access. Where does Dialup profile figure in this?
I have read about PPP-ATM and PPP-ISDN combinations. Do we need to write up a PPP-RFCOMM combination?
The links in the BTprofiles for PPP under Windows is woefully inadequate. Anyone have better links?
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PPP does have to have the Dialup Profile to attach to at any particular
time. It is only with the DialupProfile up and running that PPP would work.
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I'd like some information about how ppp actually works vis-a-vis various
Am I correct in assuming that ppp has to be bound to a particular protocol.
eg. ppp with dial-up ?

Likewise, does ppp have to be bound to rfcomm in any way while creating the
LAN Access Profile? Does Windows support ppp other than with dial-up
options? If so, how?

Links to other sites with this info would also be welcome.

Thanks in advance,