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[bluetooth-dev] CSR support in hci_vendor.c

Building the current OpenBT for CSR hardware gives a compilation error
in hci_vendor.c.
There are a couple of references to current->timeout in csr_waitcmdnum()
on lines 694 and 697 that fail as follows:

hci_vendor.c: In function `csr_waitcmdnum':
hci_vendor.c:694: structure has no member named `timeout'
hci_vendor.c:697: structure has no member named `timeout'

When these lines are commented out, compilation continues until the same
csr_waitcmdnum() function is reached as part of userstack (now in user
mode) at which point the compiler reports no declaration of 'current':

hci_vendor.c: In function `csr_waitcmdnum':
hci_vendor.c:695: `current' undeclared (first use in this function)

Any idea what the problem(s) could be? Using Mandrake 8.0 with 2.4.3

Cheers ... Gerard
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