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[bluetooth-dev] why multiple L2CAP-cons for one phys link ?

Again my question (nobody interested or nobody has answers???)

Question to Mathias and all other specialists:

In BT spec 1.0B, RFCOMM section 2.3.2 we read:

"[...] Note that each multiplexer session is using its own L2CAP channel ID 

For each phys. connection between two different BT-devices there is only
ONE   RFCOMM mux session, right?

In the drawing above (2.3.1) there is only one L2CAP connection for one
connection between two BT devices.

But what the Axis driver does is establishing a new L2CAP 
connection (different CIDs) for every new RFCOMM connection (DLCI). 

Why that? Any idea?



Here is what bt_internal says after connecting two lines on the same 

[BT Interface]
line[0] state : BT_LOWERCONNECTED
line[1] state : BT_LOWERCONNECTED
line[2] state : BT_INACTIVE
line[3] state : BT_INACTIVE
line[4] state : BT_INACTIVE
line[5] state : BT_INACTIVE
line[6] state : BT_INACTIVE

Buffer holds : 0
Bytes left : 2228


line[0] mtu[127] dlci#0 state[CONNECTED]
line[0] mtu[127] dlci#2 state[CONNECTED]
line[1] mtu[127] dlci#0 state[CONNECTED]
line[1] mtu[127] dlci#2 state[CONNECTED]


local bd :[00:d0:b7:03:4c:22]

r_bd[00:d0:b7:03:4b:bf ]
lcid[65] rcid[65] state[OPEN] psm[RFCOMM]
remote_mtu[672] local_mtu [672] clnt[yes] link_up[yes]

r_bd[00:d0:b7:03:4b:bf ]
lcid[64] rcid[64] state[OPEN] psm[RFCOMM]
remote_mtu[672] local_mtu [672] clnt[yes] link_up[yes]
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