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Re: [bluetooth-dev] why multiple L2CAP-cons for one phys link ?

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Heiko Hutschenreiter wrote:

> But what the Axis driver does is establishing a new L2CAP
> connection (different CIDs) for every new RFCOMM connection (DLCI).

It seems rfcomm.c checks for existance of L2CAP link but only within the
context of given line:

	if (!(rfcomm = get_rfcomm_con(line))) {
        if (!(rfcomm->l2cap)) {

                rfcomm->dlci[0].state = CONNECTING;

                /* we don't have a l2cap connection yet */
                if (l2ca_connect_req(bd_addr, RFCOMM_LAYER)) {
                        D_ERR(FNC"l2ca_connect_req failed\n");
                        return -1;
	} else ...

> line[0] mtu[127] dlci#0 state[CONNECTED]
> line[0] mtu[127] dlci#2 state[CONNECTED]
> line[1] mtu[127] dlci#0 state[CONNECTED]
> line[1] mtu[127] dlci#2 state[CONNECTED]

Do I understand correctly that there are 2 RFCOMM sessions between 2

Sorry for my ignorance, but are the /dev/ttyBT[0-6] lines supposed to
provide the user-space data channels corresponding to the opened L2CAP


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