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[bluetooth-dev] btd error when porting to ARM92x


We've cross-compiled the stack for an ARM92x. The compilation procedure had been done successfully and we'd got an executable btd file. We had modified the Makefile in openbt/linux/drivers/char/bluetooth to point to our cross-compiler. When we try to run the btd we got the error message: 

	modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module binfmt-464c
           modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module binfmt-464c

This indicates that we'd got a corrupt ELF file so we'd disable my ordinary gcc. It turns out that at some point the ordinary gcc is used so make stop and the compilation is stopped.   

Is there something else we have to do for porting the stack to an ARM92x? Any help is very welcomed.

We are using 200010507 stack version, which is cross-compiled under
kernel 2.4.0-test. The cross-compilor is gcc 2.95.2

Thanks in advance
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