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[bluetooth-dev] Nokia Bluetooth PCMCIA Card DTL-1

Hello Bluez,
Hello OpenBT,

I got the Nokia Connectivity Kit for the Nokia Mobile Phone 6210. It is
a CF Card with PCMCIA Adapter and a battery with a BT Module for the
Phone. Under Windows ME it works perfectly - under Windows 2000 it work
not. But I want to have it working under Linux. So I put the card under
Linux in my Sony Vaio and hopes that it will present itself as as serial
device so I can use the UART layer but it did not.

Have anyone experience with the card or started writing a card services
module for it.

Nokia uses Digianswer Bluetooth Software and all drivers have the dga*.*
in its name. Does this mean that the Nokia Card is a digianswer card or
do they only use the software?

Can I try the digianswer binary only driver with that card? Where can I
download it?

Thanks for help

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