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[bluetooth-dev] BT apps

Hi All, 
I have seen some problems on this list due to that some 
people are using the 'old' btd (apps/bluetooth/btd/) instead 
of the 'new' (apps/bluetooth/experimental).

To avoid troubles with non-updated code in the /apps/bluetooth/btd 
directory I recommend everybody that doesn't use the 'experimental' 
apps to do so (see apps/bluetooth/experimental/README.txt for details).

The name 'experimental' is slightly misleading as it's nowadays 
the only applications that we use and support fully.
The intent is to make the bt_xxx files into a library later on.

The only exception is the apps/userstack/btduser which still uses 
the old btd.c (new btd still doesn't support running usermode stack 
over sockets and using pty:s for ppp) but this will also be changed 
as soon as there is time for it.

Mattias Ågren,
AXIS Communications AB
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