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[bluetooth-dev] using axis stack for emulation purposes

Hi there,
I read on the readme file in the openbt.... package that it is possible to
use the axis stack without any bluetooth hardware, for emulation purposes.
Has anybody already used it? Does it work properly? And what does it do
exactly? I am working on a research project on bluetooth and I would like to
have different hosts on a lan emulating a bluetooth piconet. Would it be
possible to use the stack to do something like this, or I could just emulate
a single master-slave connection?  Could it be possible to improve the
software and make it do what I need?

I read in a note that the HCI emulation simply converts some hci commands to
the corrisponding events and simply forwards all acl/sco data. What does it
mean exactly? Finally, what does "using a unix socket on one computer" mean?
Thanks a lot.

Tommaso Melodia

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