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[bluetooth-dev] Kernel driver compilation option?

Hi all,

Does anyone knows exactly what means each compilation option for the kernel 

    <*> Bluetooth driver
    (Ericsson)    Bluetooth hardware type
    [ ]   Block when setting baudrate    
    [ ]   Bluetooth proc entries 
		--->My Comment: This one should generate files in /proc
    [*]   Input buffering                
    [ ]   Use Security Manager           
    [ ]   Use L2CAP timers               
    [ ]   Allow connectionless L2CAP     
    [ ]   Enable TCI                     
    [ ]   Enable M/S Switch              
    (None)   Bluetooth reset pin         

What options should I enable?
Why Enable TCI generates a compilation error ? (Bluetooth.c:90 
linux/bluetooth/tci.h: No such file or directory)

Thanks for all.

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