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Aw: RE: [bluetooth-dev] How to send acl-data from HCI-layer ??

The sending functions are clear, but in send_acl_data_task() there
is function call get_bt_buf (its a function from btmem.c) and I
donīt know with which function I can write the data into the buffer !

Does anybody know that ?


> hello, for the 20010504 version, in HCI layer, these three functions handle
> the sending of acl data: hci_send_data(), send_acl_packet_task() and
> send_acl_packet().
> i think u can check in the l2cap to see which buffer is used to pass data
> to
> the HCI layer.
> hope that will be helpful.
> regards,
> liu yong
> Hello !
> Can someone please explain me what I have to do when I want
> to send acl-data from the HCI-layer ?
> In which Buffer do I have to copy the data ?
> Which functions must I use ?
> I use only the HCI-layer to connect my BT Modules.
> Thanks 

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