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[bluetooth-dev] pppd

Hi All
I have posted a problem yesterday, Still i am having trouble with this.
Ok, let me exolain the set up

I have an Atmel board running uClinux 2.0.38 with CSR module and AXIS stack,
this is the pppd client, Since the Atmel serial is 3 wire I have DISABLED
On the server side I have RH 6.2 with AXIS stack and CSR module.

form the atmel board i am able to establish RFCOMM connection on line 0 and
from the server i van verify that by cat /proc/bt_internal where itshows
DLCI 0 and DLCI 4 connected, so RFCOMM connection is established
at this point I am starting pppd /dev/ttyBT0 on the server and ATMEL board
on the board I am getting

Spawned pppd[8] in the backgrounBT (driver) bt_open on line 0
BT (driver) Registering tty on line 0 (pppd)
BT (driver) bt_open on line 0
BT (driver) Registering tty on line 0 (pppd)
BT SYS: warning :bt_register_tty : line busy !
BT (driver) bt_close on line 0
BT (driver) Unregistering tty on line 0
BT SYS: warning :bt_write_top : line 0 is not in active state

In the bluetooth.c

		bt_ctrl.session[line].upper_tty = tty;
		tty->driver_data = &bt_ctrl.session[line];

                        SESSIONSTATE(line) = BT_UPPERCONNECTED;
                else {
                        SESSIONSTATE(line) = BT_ACTIVE;
			/* check if there are pending data */
		return 0;
	} else {
		D_WARN("bt_register_tty : line busy !\n");

line busy will come ony if not  BT_LOWERCONNECTED or BT_INACTIVE,
but on the PC i can see the connection, why this error, Can it be something
to do with PPPd options
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you very much

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