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[bluetooth-dev] Windows Client for OpenBT LAP

Dear all,

How do you test your OpenBT LAP?
Do you use Digianswer client, IVT client or OpenBT client?
There is another choice for the windows client at
http://www.bluecord.co.kr/bluetooth.html if you have an USB dongle
which is CSR compatible.

If you are interested, try and comment us, please.
Your participation will improve the software.

Best Regards,
Chang Hyeoungkyu


 OpenBlue Bluetooth protocol stack for Windows 2000 is an implementation of
Bluetooth protocol stack for Microsoft Windows 2000 in the form of USB modem
device driver. If a Bluetooth USB dongle is connected to a PC, it is viewed
as a modem device and therefore dialup networking can be used to connect to

It is our hope that this will be helpful for anyone else who has Bluetooth
development kits or modules and wants to try some real applications on
Windows. If you are interested in helping, or just want to get the latest
buzz, please join the developer mailing-list.

Chang Hyeoungkyu / Team Leader  Mobile: 016-446-4988
Internet Technology Team        http://home.hanmir.com/~taeryun/
BLUE'cord Technology            E-mail: chk@xxxxxxx.kr
59-4 Whaam, Yusong              Tel: + 82 42 601 4571
Taejon, 305-348, Korea          Fax: + 82 42 601 4599

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