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SV: [bluetooth-dev] SDP connection problems III (hangs in query mo de)


I created a fully new image, with software downloaded today, and it still
wont work! This is what I use:

cris 1.13
devboard_lx 2-0-0
openbt 0.0.5
linux 2.4.5
pppd from apps (some old apps tarball from your download section)

The only changes I have done (exept the ones you'd expect in Makefiles etc.)
is changing the Makefile in xmlparse and xmltok from USE_UCLIBC = 1 to
AXIS_USABLE_LIBS = UCLIBC GLIBC to get it working.

 From var/log/messages

>BT SYS: l2cap channel (64,65) [SDP] connected
>BT SYS: sdp_config_cfm, we are the server

hangs here! <--- I wrote this :)

Any ideas? I don't even know where to start with this problem.

 Best regards
 Johan K Magnusson
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