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[bluetooth-dev] can bluetooth work unidirection, like master multicast, client recieve


This might be something just my ignorance, but I was wondering
if it is possible to have multicast functionality between two 
bluetooth devices. To explain it better, I am thinking of following scenario

1. we have two devices , both bluetooth enabled
2. Once device (Master) is capable of doing powerful recieve/transmit (let
say 100m, if that is possible under the spec), and is not battery
operated,lets assume have no
problem with the power consumption etc.
3. the client BT device is portable, very battery/power concious and can
send and recieve only lets say 6m distance.
4. As much as my knowledge, they still can not engage in any meaningful
communication as for connection to establish, the two devices should be able
to talk to each other by frequency sync etc ...
5. The problem here is client is complete capable or in coverage area of
Master, but not the other wise.
6. Is it still possible to do multicast broadcast from Master to client,
which can just quietly recieve.
7. does the spec say anything about such thing ??

I believe there are a lot of applications for such a scenario, right from
local newscasts to as many you can think.

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