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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Bluetooth on Axis Developer Board LX

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> From: Johnson Bao [mailto:johnson@xxxxxxx.jp]
> Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 11:02
> To: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] Bluetooth on Axis Developer Board LX
> I think I accidentally send this e-mail to the devboard mailing list 
> when it would be more appropriate for the bluetooth dev mailing list. 
> Anyways, sorry if I'm totally off track in what I'm doing but I'm a real 
> newbie at this stuff.  I got all of openbt 0.0.5 compiled under the 
> devboard_lx 2.0 software and downloaded to the board, but it doesn't 
> completely run.  I think I need to insmod bt.o first but how do I build 
> it using the CRIS cross-compiler, gcc-cris? Even after that, how do I 
> inject it into the kernel when there is no insmod command for the board? 
> Thanks for your help again.
> Johnson Bao

As there is no support for modules in linux for the devboard, 
you need to build the bluetooth stack as a static part of the

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