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[bluetooth-dev] Compiling OpenBT for Developer Board LX


I'm a newbie on this and have a couple of questions concerning the
compilation of the OpenBT stack for the 2.4.* kernel.

I'm trying to connect two Bluetooth modules (ROK 101 008), one on a PC and
the other on the a Developer Board LX (software version 2). I would like
to compile the OpenBT 0.0.5 for both, using gcc version 2.96 and gcc-cris
1.13-2. The questions/problems I have is the following: 

PC side:

1. When I try to compile OpenBT on Red Hat 7.1 with kernel 2.4.2 I get the
following error message on btd and stp_server: "cpp0: Too many filenames."
When I remove the compiler flag "-MD" in their Makefiles the error
disappears. Is this a problem (removing "-MD")? Is there another solution?

2. The compilation now finishes without errors, but when I try "insmod
bt.o", I get "bt.o: unresolved symbol " for hci_receive_acl,
hci_receive_bcsp, hci_receive_event, csr_waitcmdnum, hci_receive_hq,
bt_write_lower_driver_real. Is this related to 1 or is this another
problem? Is there something I'm doing wrong? 

Dev Board side:

My guess is that I must statically compile the stack into the kernel
(2.4.5), but how do I do that? Is there a patch or something similar to
the ones in the Dev Board software package?

I hope you can help me!

Marcus Jonsson

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