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[bluetooth-dev] SDP Negotiation Failure on Axis Devboard LX

Hi, I finally have the OpenBT stack compiled for the Axis devboard. I 
hooked up an Ericsson Bluetooth Starter Kit to it but when I try to 
connect to it with a Bluetooth enabled laptop, I get the following.  I'm 
using devboard version 2 and openbt version 0.0.5.  From a previous 
thread, it said that the
WRITE_LINK_POLICY_SETTINGS error can be ignored, I think, but I also get a
COMMAND_STATUS error.  Has anyone seen this problem or know what I am 
doing wrong? Thanks.

Johnson Bao

lp_connect_cfm (pos), wake up flag not set
BT SYS: process_event: ACL link is up
BT SYS: hci_switch_role: role 0
BT SYS: Setting remote mtu (66:64) to 512 bytes

l2cap options:  (0):
BT SYS: ERROR :process_return_param: WRITE_LINK_POLICY_SETTINGS: Unknown 
HCI Command
BT SYS: l2cap channel (66,64) [SDP] connected
BT SYS: sdp_config_cfm, we are the server
BT SYS: ERROR :process_event: COMMAND_STATUS: Unknown HCI Command
BT SYS: l2cap channel (66,64) [SDP] disconnected
BT SYS: process_event: DISCONNECTION_COMPLETE Other End Terminated 
Connection: User Ended Connection
BT SYS: lp_disconnect_ind: Connection handle 1 disconnected
BT SYS: get_bt_buf : Flushing this buffer [handle 1]

HW module contains...
10 ACL buffers at 800 bytes
0 SCO buffers at 0 bytes

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