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[bluetooth-dev] Data are not the same (next)

Here are some precisions and notice I made on my problem :

First, to respond to the previous question, the processor is a DragonBall EZ (on

1) I can set the speed at whatever I want in bti, the last message of bti is
always "bt_set_baudrate: 115200"

2) What is more suprising is that I can set the speed whatever I want, I
always read the correct characters at 57600 on the serial port (except the
first ones as explained in my previous e-mail).

Conclusion : I set a speed, bti indicate me another speed (a the end only)
and send the initialisation characters at another speed ...

Note that the debug messages of the bluetooth driver on uClinux indicate me that the good
characters are sent to the serial driver (it means 0x01 0x05 0x10 0x00 for
the first ones).

Is there a bug in the stack when using the serial port on  uClinux or the
serial port of the uCsimm ?

I wanted to test at a lower speed, but because initialisation characters
are always sent at 57600, I can't. Is this forced by the Ericsson hardware

> > First characters from original stack :

> 1 5 10 0 1 f fc 0 1 9 10 0 1 24 c 3

> > First characters from ported stack :
> >
> > 40 10 0 1 f fc 0 1 9 10 0 1 24 c 3

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