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[bluetooth-dev] Ericsson Firmware upgrade

I use bluetooth application tool kit from sigma comtec.
I want to know my firmware version and upgrade.
But in the http://www.tality.com/solutions/wireless/bluetooth-ebdk_support.html
I don't have id and PW so I can't access it. 
Can anybody tell me where can I download firmware for my board?

Duck Gun Park

Interdisciplinary Program, Biomedical Engineering Major, Graduate School and Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, 
 Seoul National Univ.
28 Yongun Dong, Jongro Gu, Seoul, 110-744 ,Korea

phone 	: +82-2-744-7770
mobile  : 017-396-6044
e-mail	: duck@xxxxxxx.kr
            : melab@xxxxxxx.net   
homepage: http://duck.elbio.com
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