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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Making stack for Axis etrax lx board. newbie


I had the same problem, but I hope I have a workable solution to it now.

> Hi, 
> I want to make the stack for the developer board lx. 
> Can anybody show me the rough direction of how to make it for board?
> Thanks

Since you can't insmod a module into the kernel on the development board (at least with the standard software), the only way to do it (as far as I know) is to statically compile the stack into the kernel. I wanted to find a patch that would insert the source code for the stack into the kernels source tree, but didn't find one. So this is how I did it:

Make sure that you have run the patches included in the development board software (this is done by the install program) on the kernel source tree.

Copy the whole linux directory with subdirectories from the openbt directory on to the kernel source tree. Make sure that you copy the directory correctly so that the trees matches. E g the include directory of the stack is copied into the include directory in the kernel source tree.

Edit the Makefile file in the kernel source "drivers/char" directory, by adding:

subdir-$(CONFIG_BLUETOOTH) += bluetooth

obj-y += bluetooth/bt.o

Now edit the file Config.in file by adding:

source drivers/char/bluetooth/Config.in

somewhere in the file but before the endmenu command.

You should now have a Bluetooth menu in the Character Devices menu in the kernel configuration program.

This is the way I have done it and it seems to work for me. I am able to communicate with a Bluetooth module through serial communication, but I haven't tested it thoroughly.

If this isn't a good way to do it, I would be happy to know.

Best regards


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