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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Dial up networking through digianswer's toolkit

Hello Amit,

On Sun, 15 Jul 2001, Amit Upadhyaya wrote:

>      Has anyone use dial up networking to access internet using digianswer's pC card.
I have.

> I tried it but failed to acheive.

> 1) I connect the virtual COM ports of the master and slave. Then
> connect the Dial up networking profile. Up to this point every thing
> has gone right. but after that i failed to do remote dial up
> networking (to access internet).

Is it possible that the Dial-up Networking connection over the virtual COM
port was not established?  Just install the null-modem driver
(http://www.kevin-wells.com/net/scripts.html) over the virtual COM port
and create a Dial-up networking connection shortcut in
Start/Accessories/Communications/Dialup Networking.  Enter "1" as the
phone number and leave the password field empty.

You may want to modify the PPP daemon's options on the server side in

	# record /tmp/pppd.log
	# debug
	# ms-dns a.b.c.d
	# ms-dns e.f.g.h
	lcp-echo-interval 10
	lcp-echo-failure 3
	connect '/usr/sbin/chat -v "\\r" "\\r"'

If I understand correctly, it doesn't matter what Bluetooth profile you
are choosing from Digianswer's Bluetooth Neighbourhood to create an L2CAP
link with the server.  It can be Serial Port or Dialup Networking or LAN
Access using PPP.  The default /etc/sdp.xml file points to the same RFCOMM
channel 1.

Once you click on the created Dialup Networking connection in the
Start/Accessories/Communication/Dialup Networking folder, run the
following command on the server side:
	pppd /dev/ttyBT0

I am not sure how the /dev/ttyBT0 device on the server side gets bound to
RFCOMM channel 1.  It just worked for me.  Does anybody know?

> 2) In wired case, i suppose, the PC to which the modem is connected
> should be RAS server then only remote dial up networking is
> possible.Do u people think the case will be the same for wireless.
I don't.


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