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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Dial up networking through digianswer's toolkit

Hi Ilguiz,
    Thanks alot for the prompt reply.
I think the rfcomm layer itself emulate the 9 ckts of RS 232 serial ports,
including the null modem utility. That means the Digianswer's bluetooth
stack does't provide the null modem emulation, as it is creating a need to
install a driver to access virtual comm ports.
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To: Amit Upadhyaya <amit.upadhyaya@xxxxxxx.com>
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Sent: Monday, July 16, 2001 3:50 AM
Subject: Re: [bluetooth-dev] Dial up networking through digianswer's toolkit

> Hello Amit,
> On Sun, 15 Jul 2001, Amit Upadhyaya wrote:
> >      Has anyone use dial up networking to access internet using
digianswer's pC card.
> I have.
> > I tried it but failed to acheive.
> > 1) I connect the virtual COM ports of the master and slave. Then
> > connect the Dial up networking profile. Up to this point every thing
> > has gone right. but after that i failed to do remote dial up
> > networking (to access internet).
> Is it possible that the Dial-up Networking connection over the virtual COM
> port was not established?  Just install the null-modem driver
> (http://www.kevin-wells.com/net/scripts.html) over the virtual COM port
> and create a Dial-up networking connection shortcut in
> Start/Accessories/Communications/Dialup Networking.  Enter "1" as the
> phone number and leave the password field empty.
> You may want to modify the PPP daemon's options on the server side in
> /etc/ppp/options:
> =========================================================
> # record /tmp/pppd.log
> # debug
> noauth
> # ms-dns a.b.c.d
> # ms-dns e.f.g.h
> proxyarp
> ktune
> lcp-echo-interval 10
> lcp-echo-failure 3
> nocrtscts
> local
> nomagic
> connect '/usr/sbin/chat -v "\\r" "\\r"'
> =========================================================
> If I understand correctly, it doesn't matter what Bluetooth profile you
> are choosing from Digianswer's Bluetooth Neighbourhood to create an L2CAP
> link with the server.  It can be Serial Port or Dialup Networking or LAN
> Access using PPP.  The default /etc/sdp.xml file points to the same RFCOMM
> channel 1.
> Once you click on the created Dialup Networking connection in the
> Start/Accessories/Communication/Dialup Networking folder, run the
> following command on the server side:
> pppd /dev/ttyBT0
> I am not sure how the /dev/ttyBT0 device on the server side gets bound to
> RFCOMM channel 1.  It just worked for me.  Does anybody know?
> > 2) In wired case, i suppose, the PC to which the modem is connected
> > should be RAS server then only remote dial up networking is
> > possible.Do u people think the case will be the same for wireless.
> I don't.
> Ilguiz

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