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[bluetooth-dev] Newbie with Axis Stacks


I've got a CSR kit and I would like to use the axis stack. I read all of the 
README files... I understood that there is two way of using the stack... 
Kernel and user mode. Nethertheless I've got few questions.

1) Does modules can work with a 2.4.6 kernel.
2) When I recompiled my kernel I saw that there was a bluetooth support 
what's the difference between this one and the modules from axis ?
3) I modified the file btconfig.h : #define CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_CSR
but I don't know where to modify the HW_CURRENT in btd.c and what value 
should I give ? HW_CSR ?
4) What btd is used for ? Do I need to lauch it for any bt application ?
5) Is there a simple example of a program using that stack ?

Thanks for your answers.

Best regards,

Adrien Pestel
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