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[bluetooth-dev] Hangup when sending big data .

Hi all,

I have a problem using Open BT stack(ver 0.0.5) with bluetooth.c(usb driver
ver 0.12).
The OS is RedHat 7.1 Linux but the version of kernel is 2.4.6 and 2.4.7
Bluetooth module is of Ericson. I/F of PC - Bluetooth module is USB.

The problem is PC hangup when sending big data.

(1)execute btd on two PCs with kernel mode. The speed is 460800.
(2)connect from client with rf_conn
(3)send data with rf_send

when using  rf_send, if the first operand is bigger than about 50-70, client
PC(sometimes server PC) hungs up. I must reset the PCs.

What is wrong? Does anybody face to problem like this?

I  know that it's better to put logs here. But now I can't do it. I'm on
bissiness trip now.

Hiro Okura

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