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[bluetooth-dev] pairing and role switch

good morning,

   i just got OpenBT 0.0.5 it runs ok on an old Linux kernel
  (RH 2.2.14).

   now that ive got it running, i proceeded to check out pairing
  and role switching. i cant get a connection establish when
  pairing is set to ON on a remote device and OFF on another
  device. i always get a timeout.

   also i tried role switch, i connected two devices at the L2CAP
  level, an ACL link and channel id is therefore present. whenever
  i issue a role_switch i always get an error "No connection". what
  am i doing wrong.

   i am doing these tests on an EBDK (revision DPY 091 129 R3A).

   thank you for any help that you can provide.

peace, mela.

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