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RE: [bluetooth-dev] pairing and role switch

good morning,

yes i have RTFM, but in the docs "Ericsson HCI firmware implemented
features and limitations.pdf" it states in that document that "Park,
Hold and Sniff are not supported with Baseband Device version C R1B."
(page 17). i have baseband R3A, so i assume i have a higher version
number, and MIGHT be supported. but i can not successfuly do a mode
switch nor a master/slave switch. ive already contacted tality
support but until now NO definitive response, they told me theyve
forwarded my email to Ericsson.

my main concern was support of OpenBT of the modes ive mentioned.

so anyone in the list using the same hardware im using, and succesfully
doing pairing, mode switching, and master/slave switching. it would be
nice to hear your comments.

peace, mela.

> hello, i think u can check the documentation of ur ebdk to see whether the
> role switch is supported by the firmware. as i know, some features are not
> supported by the ebdk firmware.
> regards,
> liu yong
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