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[bluetooth-dev] suse compile problem, redhat insmod problem

Hi everybody,

I've been unable to get the 0.0.5 version of the stack up and running,
neither with SuSE or Redhat.

With Redhat, kernel 2.2.18, I get a long list of unresolved symbols when
I insmod bt.o, similar to Patrick Clauberg's problem in April: jiffies,
printk, panic, kmalloc etc. I also have a few other symbols such as
hci_receive_acl, hci_receive_bcsp, hci_receive_event etc.

With SuSE, I can't even compile the stack. In the userstack directory
the linker needs the termcap library and even though I've installed it
(according to SuSE's YAST), no joy. If anyone has advice on SuSE
installations, please let me know. Otherwise, I'd be happy just getting
it to work in Redhat :)

I'm not a Linux master, so there might be something obviously wrong that
I'm missing. I've looked through the mailing list archive but have not
managed to find an answer (that made sense to me).

Kindest regards,

Per Haglund

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