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Re: [bluetooth-dev] sdp server database

Hi steve,
    thanks for your reply.
I agree with u.
    I have a vague understanding that comes from your reply about the design of sdp data base. As in the axis stack. there will be one master file(sdp.xml) for the sdp server database that is implementer specific.No more information can be further added to this master database. At the start up of the stack, this master file(only the info of application/service that started with the stack) will be loaded in the array of linked list(dynamic database).  If the user disable that particular service/application or there is  problem in starting some particular service/application, the service should be able to unregistered(delete) its info from the dynamic database. Similarly, if the service is enabled at some pt of time it will get its info from the master file to insert in the dyanamic database.
Please correct me if found that i am wrong or it needs some amendments. Your relpy will encourage me to proceed further in the right direction.
Amit Upadhyaya
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Subject: RE: [bluetooth-dev] sdp server database

I disagree about the database being read-only.  While it is true that clients should not be able to modify the entries (the standard has no provision for this), the database must be modifiable by other applications on the server side since services will come and go and change with time and should be able to make the database reflect these changes.
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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] sdp server database

Hi everybody!,
    While working for SDP layer, i realize it should be readonly database, through which info can only be retrieve. Is it authentication can be provided where particular service or attribute info can be restricted for certain / group of users.
thanks in advance
Amit Upadhyaya