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Re: [bluetooth-dev] suse compile problem


I have some problems with the bluetooth stack.
My system is like that:
- suse 7.2, 2.4.4 Kernel
- openbt 0.0.5
- Bluetooth Application Tool Kit (Ericcson) from SIGMA

I've tried to compile the drivers (openbt/linux/drivers/char/bluetooth). 
1. source openbt/init_env
2. cd openbt/linux/drivers/char/bluetooth
3. make INCLUDEDIR=/usr/src/linux/include

I got a lot of warnings: "...defined but not used" or 
"implicit declaration of function ..." but no errors.

After "insmod openbt/linux/drivers/char/bluetooth/bt.o" i've got:
bt.o: unresolved symbol hci_receive_acl
bt.o: unresolved symbol hci_receive_bcsp
bt.o: unresolved symbol hci_receive_event
bt.o: unresolved symbol csr_waitcmdnum
bt.o: unresolved symbol hci_receive_hq
bt.o: unresolved symbol bt_write_lower_driver_real

While compiling the apps, i've got the error:
"/usr/i486-suse-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -ltermcap"
But i've installed the packages from SuSE via yast.

Also other hints from the mailinglist were not really helpfully like:
- copy all files from openbt/linux to /usr/src/linux and modify the Config.in 
an the Makefile of the directory /usr/src/linux/drivers/char. than do "make 
xconfig" or like that an configure the bluetooth-options.


- modify openbt/linux/include/linux/bluetooth/btconfig.h because of the 
"unresolved symbols"

Best regards,
Heiko Buchholz

Heiko Buchholz
Student at the
Department of Computer Science
University of Rostock
e-Mail: buhzi@xxxxxxx.de
ICQ#: 81444204
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