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[bluetooth-dev] Re: Link loss handling and monitoring connection

Thanks Matthias for your suggestion.

That could be another solution. 
Working with signals seems to me much more elegant than polling
every 500ms

But as i create a new service-Object for every Service I bind to
a ttyBT it would be less elegant again if i had to connect a special
Mux that handles the SIGHUP, checks for wich line it was and sends
a message to the object that has to take further steps...

So all i did for now was to modify the bt-driver a little bit.

I added a new ioctl called BTISCONNECTED, that not only
checks for LOWERCONNECTED state but also for ACTIVE state
which means that there is still a bt-connection but wich some app
connected to ttyBT. 

So i still do less elegant polling every 500ms or 1s but preserve
a clear Object-Structure. (I program with Qt-Libraries).

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