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[bluetooth-dev] Hang when sending data


I ported the stack under uClinux. I can now establish a bluetooth
connection. Then, I use btsend to test data sending. Here is the problem.
When I send very few bytes (200 with a repetition of 10 for example), there
are no problems. But when I send more (there are no exact limit between
working and not working), for example 200 with a repetition of 100, the
btsend program that run on uClinux hangs (note that on my configuration
hardware-software, I can't press Ctrl-C to interrupt the current process)
when it is sending data.

I put some printk to debug that. I've had a big surprise : If I put a
printk just before the return of the function "bt_write_top" of the driver and a printf
just after the function "write" of the function "bt_send" of btsend
software, I can see that it hangs just between these two prints.

Between these two prints, there is just a return (with the number of written
characters) and a come back in the userland from driver. So why does it
hangs here ?

Note that I notice that the speed of sent data decrease just before that
this problem occurs.

Does someone have an idea what happen ?

Thank you for any help or suggestion.

Alain Paschoud

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