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[bluetooth-dev] BluetoothPN hangs! Please help!!


I'm trying to run the BluetoothPN FLTK program that comes with the Axis
OpenBT stack. I compiled it successfully. However, after executing insmod
bt.o, BluetoothPN hangs whenever I try to run it. It hangs my entire PC and
I've no choice but to press the reset button!

I'm using kernel 2.4.6 and stack 0.0.5 together with the Ericsson bluetooth

Another problem is that the program seems to have some problems with the
window size. It appears as a very narrow window. I saw that the README file
states that the problem only occurs in KDE, but I'm using GNOME and facing
problems displaying widgets as well. I'm using FLTK version 1.0.10.

Any tips anyone??

Please help!!
Thanks in advance!


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