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[bluetooth-dev] Send L2CAP Data

Could someone tell me why this doesn't work... I'm trying to send l2cap data

Btw, receiving data works well.

send_data(l2cap_con *con, u8 *data, u32 len)
  bt_tx_buf *tx;
  char c;
  tx = subscribe_bt_buf(sizeof(l2cap_tx_buf) + len);
  if (!tx)
    /* no more memory available */
    return -1;
  tx->cur_len = len;
  memcpy(tx->data + sizeof(l2cap_tx_buf), data, len);
  printf("Send data : %s\n", tx->data + sizeof(l2cap_tx_buf));

  return l2cap_send_data(tx, con);
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