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[bluetooth-dev] What should an SDP server configuration file look like?

I work for Intel and I have be porting our windows SDP server to Linux.  It
is mostly complete and seems pretty solid.  The plan is to release it all
under some sort of GPL-like license in the near future.

The major piece that is missing is a configuration file format/parser (right
now entries are just hardcoded in).  I saw some postings about this a while
ago on this list.  The general consensus seemed to be that the xml format
that the axis sdp server used was ugly.  I have been playing around with a
nicer xml format, but it is still, not surprisingly, a bit verbose.  I have
also looked at the lex/yacc based solutions that lives in bluez/sdpd, but it
is incomplete and since my xml hacking skills are better than my lex/yacc
skills, I will probably do something with xml if left to my own devices.

The bottom line is that I would just like to get the server out the door
with a reasonable configuration file that people would be happy with.  I
think the server is pretty well engineered (the windows version was written
by some pretty smart people) and I would hate to have it crippled by a lame
config file.  

Is anyone else working on the sdp configuration file problem?  Are there any
solutions pretty far along besides the axis server?


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