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[bluetooth-dev] Kernel log and RFCOMM disconnects


How do I get kernel log messages to /var/log/messages on the Etrax LX dev. board??
I have compiled the 2.4.5 kernel and included the axis openBT 0.5 stack in it. For some reason the RFCOMM links disconect when I send a lot of data (ls -R > /dev/ttyBT0 disconnect most of the time). I want to get the kernel log from the bluetooth stack to /var/log/messages so I can see when and why the stack disconect.
I am using Ericsson Hardware ROK 101 008 P3E, Firmware CXC 125 244 P9A.
Maybe it's an known problem with that hardware/firmware?

Johannes Karlsson (INTERN)
Robert Bosch Corporation
Research and Technology Center
4009 Miranda Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94304, U.S.A