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RE: [bluetooth-dev] What should an SDP server configuration file look like?

I think that XML is fine for many systems, and i have mady conisderable
headway in writing a parser to read a fairly user-friendly XML format.  For
the embedded space, it is true that XML is alot of overhead.  Perhaps there
it would be better to just hardcode the database or store it in a binary

The one issue that there is no solution for so far is how to modify the
contents of the database at runtime.  Several of the standard attributes are
useless without this ability.


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Dear Mr. Friden,
I found that the SDP server you wrote is discussed quite often in the 
mailing list. When I port the sdp server with btd into the NETsilicon board.

I found that the sdp server could function properly and hang before it 
starts, though it works fine with me on the PC. Mr. Steven Swanson also 
complained the same problem( shown below) .

We are suspecting that XML format for the data storage purpose might not be 
a good idea for the embedded system like NETSilicon board. They don't not 
have enough processing power and memory.

My questions are:
What is your purpose of using XML instead of other simple format?
Would you like to rewrite the parser and the sdp.xml to make it feasible for

the embedded system like NETsilicon?



>From:  <steven.swanson@xxxxxxx.com>
>To: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
>Subject: [bluetooth-dev] What should an SDP server configuration file look 
>Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 17:30:24 -0700
>I work for Intel and I have be porting our windows SDP server to Linux.  It
>is mostly complete and seems pretty solid.  The plan is to release it all
>under some sort of GPL-like license in the near future.
>The major piece that is missing is a configuration file format/parser 
>now entries are just hardcoded in).  I saw some postings about this a while
>ago on this list.  The general consensus seemed to be that the xml format
>that the axis sdp server used was ugly.  I have been playing around with a
>nicer xml format, but it is still, not surprisingly, a bit verbose.  I have
>also looked at the lex/yacc based solutions that lives in bluez/sdpd, but 
>is incomplete and since my xml hacking skills are better than my lex/yacc
>skills, I will probably do something with xml if left to my own devices.
>The bottom line is that I would just like to get the server out the door
>with a reasonable configuration file that people would be happy with.  I
>think the server is pretty well engineered (the windows version was written
>by some pretty smart people) and I would hate to have it crippled by a lame
>config file.
>Is anyone else working on the sdp configuration file problem?  Are there 
>solutions pretty far along besides the axis server?
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